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DSU Students: A Community For You! | DrivingSalesUniversityBlog.com

DSU Students: A Community For You!

Students enrolled in DSU have demonstrated a keen understanding of the value, importance and (dare we say desperate) need for education. One piece of this ongoing learning strategy is often overlooked in today’s business programs or LMSes. The learning community.

A significant part of most education institutions is the social element. Collaboration, discussion, teaching your peers as you learn… these are phenomenons that happen naturally when you’re in school. The importance of these things has not been lost on DrivingSales. In fact, it was these social elements found in DrivingSales.com that lead us to build the structured learning found in DrivingSales University.

DrivingSales.com: New and Improved

The most important part of our job here at DrivingSales is making sure we’re serving our dealers in the best way possible and listening to our community.  We’ve kept our ears to the ground, reached out to many of you, and frantically taken notes on how we your experience on DrivingSales.com can be better.  And now, after nearly 18 months of push and pull, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new and improved DrivingSales.com website (going live Dec 17th).

Changing processes and approaches inside  your dealership can be difficult.  Habits, attitudes, expectations, and beliefs of everyone on your staff impact how the message is heard. Being able to collaborate with your peers to better understand  Process, Structure and Marketing concepts and strategies is incredibly valuable. The DrivingSales.com community provides the platform for DSU students to collaborate and learn together.  The more help, the better!

So what does this mean to a DSU enrollee?

How can students leverage this big community website update? Here are a couple of things to consider:

Forums come first:  The conversation between automotive professionals pushing each other to be better is the centerpiece of DrivingSales and the driving force of the community. It’s where people engage, interact, and find inspiration to build more profitable businesses.  This is why we’ve placed the forums front and center.  You can see which posts are new, how active the conversations are, and easily contribute your questions and insights.

DSU Students: Use the forums to ask questions about specific DSU topics to your peers.  It’s possible someone from another dealership can help you tackle your problems and improve your store.

Celebrate the Individual:  Logging in to your DrivingSales.com account is going to change your world.  Not only have we totally revamped the personal profile pages (allowing you more easily network with others), we’ve also made sure that the information you see is the most relevant to you through a content algorithm that delivers information according to your interests and connections.

DSU Students: As you work to improve your Process, Structure, and Marketing, you’ll want to select departments and topics of interest.  This will shape the content you see in your feed.  Of course, you’ll always be able to find any of the information posted on DrivingSales.com by navigating via topic or individual blog pages, but now you won’t have to put up with those pesky posts that you couldn’t care less about.  Read about information to supplement the education you’re getting from the top automotive experts in DSU.

Lots of Change… But The Same Focus

There’s plenty of new zoozoos and whamwhams to dig into, so have at it!  Notifications have been dusted off, navigation has been upgraded, and we’re introducing something called the dScore!  But one thing that hasn’t changed through all of this is our commitment to serving you, the Dealer.  If you have any questions or feedback, let us know.  We’re excited to hear what you think!

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