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Campaign Value Propositions


The free download for November is the Campaign Value Propositions worksheet. What makes your dealership different from your competitors? Why should a customer care? The Campaign Value Propositions worksheet can help you identify your unique customer benefits and build value in

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A Focus on Training and Marketing

At this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit (held in October at the Bellagio Las Vegas) two major topics emerged. The first surfaced on day one when keynote Leif Babbin, a retired Navy SEAL Officer, talked about the critical importance of training.

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New Content for November


DrivingSales University is constantly working to provide the most effective learning possible. We have recently updated our “Process” curriculum to add more “how-to” and skills building information and exercises designed to help guide the learner. We have added more activities,

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NADA 2013 Perspective: Inside the DrivingSales University Booth

NADA 2013 was an incredible show. This year’s theme was clearly evident: Education and data driven decisions. If you happened to miss it this year, here’s a different perspective, from the DrivingSales University booth (our 1st one!) looking out on

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New Content for February


Rand Fishkin Is Upset The U.S. is going to spend about $40 billion on Web advertising this year, with paid marketing getting only about 10% of Web traffic. Almost 90% of the traffic comes from inbound marketing. Everyone is putting

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Allen Turner Download

The free download for February is a DSU Case Study of Allen Turner Hyundai. Study Overview Allen Turner Hyundai turns to DrivingSales University and achieves measurable results. Through the example of an actual automotive dealership, this case study will illustrate how

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The Success Wheel

The free download for January is the Success Wheel. Skills, Process and Product Knowledge overlap to create success… all within the proper attitude.   Download the PDF: The Success Wheel

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New Content For January

There’s A Number For Everything Billy Beane explains the similarities between sports and business. He says that there’s a number for everything; it’s the sifting through and finding the value that’s the trick. See more of Billy Beane’s keynote presentation

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The Buzz Behind Big Data

Each year, the industry stumbles across “the next big thing,” and 2012 was no different. January 1st ushered in the notion of big data and how it was destined to change the automotive retail industry. But what was considered the

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New Content for December

No One Cares About Your Logo! Scott Stratten reminds us about the importance of your brand, of connecting with your customers, and that no one cares about your logo!

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