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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why Your Customers Are Not Responding to You

Many dealers complain that they get lots of Internet leads and they email, email, and email all to no avail. Although, when we can’t get ahold of a customer, we have a tendency to point to the quality of the

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The Customer Buying Funnel

The free download for October is the Customer Buying Funnel. Good managers manage activities that lead to the desired results. What milestones should you look like for Internet marketing? This download corresponds with Benchmarks to Manage Your Internet Department under

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Why Tracking an Average Response Time on Internet Leads is Wrong

Everybody in the industry knows that we need to respond to our Internet leads right away. This is the age of immediacy! You can go online and find out any information you need within a matter of moments, so it

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Better Social Media Management

The internet is simply amazing. Finding and sharing information has never been faster or easier in our lifetimes. Our ability to communicate has been transformed by the internet. When was the last time you sat down with a pen and

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Why Internet budgets are bad

Too many dealers are limiting their success online and hampering profitability because they have Internet budgets. Having an “Internet budget” is the result of a short sighted marketing approach that helped dealers move into the digital realm, but today, it

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Comparing AutoTrader.com and Cars.com

Our conclusion to the years old AutoTrader.com and Cars.com comparison debate boils down to one simple word, “don’t.” We’ve seen and heard lots of these debates over the year. What follows is our take on why the most commonly used

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